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History of Red Oak

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1 History of Red Oak on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:22 pm

The history of Red Oak begins in the early 1850’s when the first settlers came to Red Oak. But the growth of the community actually began with the arrival of the railroad in 1869. The town was officially named Red Oak Junction on March 20th, 1876. In 1901, the name of Red Oak Junction was changed to Red Oak and thus the city got its new name.

The arrival of the railroad brought a frenzy of activity in Red Oak. Red Oak is the county seat of Montgomery County where the population tripled in size between 1870 and 1880. Red Oak became the trade center for the area due to the rise of industries such as meat packing, a brewery, a glove factory, buggy manufacturing, a cannery, flour mills and a brick and tile works.

Two enterprising young men, Edmond Osborne and Thomas D Murphy purchased a woodcut of the Montgomery County Courthouse in 1888 when it was under construction. They decided to sell advertising around the picture and add a calendar pad to offset the expense of the woodcut. Due to their venture, Red Oak became known as the birthplace of the art calendar industry. The wealth brought to the area from 1870 to 1916 is reflected in the Red Oak’s spectacular collection of turn-of-the-century homes. Building materials like wood, stone, marble and granite could be delivered from other parts of the country because of the railroads.

The Red Oak Town Village has contributed to millions of dollars to the economy of Red Oak and the surrounding areas. The chief investor and owner of The Red Oak Town Village, ali sharaf, has also provided numerous jobs to the people in that area.

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