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R.I.P Peter Falk... aka...

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1 R.I.P Peter Falk... aka... on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:45 pm

... Columbo. Quite possibly my favourite tv actor of all time, and the greatest tv detective ever - in my eyes, but not my mother's, seeing as she loves to guess who the killer is throughout! But I suppose that's the difference between written and staged murder productions. Well no, I'm wrong: the very fact that most of Columbo's killers are known to the public from the outset makes Peter Falk's portrayal all the more amazing..... we always knew who the killer was and it was only because of Columbo that kept us going back!
Poirot and himself are my favourites, in so much as they find the killer through so contrasting methods and in extremely different avenues. Even their appearances are the total opposite. But while I accept that in prose and novels Poirot has no equals, Columbo has no equal in the tv area, even while she may protest!
It's the very fact that the murders are shown from the very start that perfectly illustrates how beautiful this series was. The whole show is dependent on Columbo's scruffy, scatterbrained and homely appearance - (compare that to Poirot's perfectly pristine appearance and social etiquette) - and the fact that he is a master of misdirection and befuddlement at the expense of the guest star - usually a huge star - that makes the show so brilliant.
I will miss the man so much, least of all for the fact that he's given me hours and hours of entertainment, both as a boy when I dodged class and now as a man. I have the complete series! Peter Falk, you're a legend. And anyone who hasn't watched Columbo should. He's great.

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2 Re: R.I.P Peter Falk... aka... on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:50 pm

Oh, and I knew he was on the road out for ages, but seriously, I defy anyone to not love while you watch an episode of Columbo. The early stuff though! Spielberg directed one of the really early ones actually, called Murder by the Book. It's a classic.

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